Bitcoin Wallet

It's considered by many to be a decent Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash storage alternative. While the wallet does lack some security features, and has rather high trading and exchange fees, it's still seen a
Without a doubt, Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world - I mean, it’s the one that started it all! Naturally, with such an amount of attention that it receives, this particular cryptocurrency possesses a lot of dedicated wallets. In this review, we’ll be looking at one of them.
Now, if you’re thinking - with a domain name like that, this wallet should be great, right? -, you’re not too wrong. While you’ll find many “is safe?” inquiries online, the majority of the answers seem to indicate that the wallet really is worth paying attention to.
We’ll get into the nitty-gritty details in due time, though - we’ll talk about the legitimacy of the site, how it operates, and whether or not it’s worth using as a reliable crypto wallet. If you find that it's not exactly what you're looking for, though, you may also check out better alternatives, such as the Binance wallet, or the Ledger Nano X.
TL;DR: Most user reviews found online are quite positive when it comes to the wallet in question. Users claim it to be super-simple to use, especially when it comes to purchasing the actual coins with fiat money. While there are some mini-controversies surrounding the platform, the general consensus is that is, in fact legit. Review: PROS The current version of was re-launched in 2015. A single google search will reveal to you that the domain name (and the operations behind it) has had a pretty complex history of legal disputes and miniature controversies. From 2015 up to August of 2019, was run by a crypto enthusiast named Roger Ver.
If that name sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen it come up in other user reviews - admittedly, Mr. Ver is one of the more controversial figures in the cryptocurrency world.
Funnily enough, it would actually be impossible to talk about and all of its pros and cons without also discussing Roger Ver and his views on Bitcoin. They are actually quite heavily intertwined with the crypto wallet in question, especially when it comes to user reviews, and questions such as “is wallet safe?”.
This is true even today, too - while Roger Ver has stepped down from the position of CEO of the company all the way back in August of 2019, his sentiments regarding Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and the concept of decentralization, in general, still linger around the wallet. Worry not, for all of this shall be elaborated in dues time - for now, let’s concentrate on the actual usability aspects of the wallet.
Very Easy to Set Up and Use One of the first advantages that you’ll see mentioned quite often among user reviews is the fact that, as a crypto storage platform, is actually very simple to use, and straightforward to set up, in the first place.
Admittedly, usability has always been the “odd feature” when it came to crypto wallets, whether it be dedicated ones, or those that can store multiple cryptocurrencies at once. While you’re going to come across questions such as “is legit?” and “is the wallet safe to use?”, you’ll rarely encounter questions regarding usability.
Software-Based Bitcoin Wallet (Available on Most Operating Systems) Being a software-based Bitcoin wallet means that you’ll have to download a file from and install it on your system. The difference from an online wallet is that, with the latter, you’d only be able to use it while connected to the web, on a specific website, while the former has a dedicated software.
Naturally, as you can probably imagine, this is some great news for anyone wondering “is wallet safe?”.
I haven’t seen many user reviews elaborate on this, but a software wallet is going to provide better security features than most online ones. That’s simply because program- or app-based wallets are more difficult to hack than those that are based on the browser.
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